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  • How to Get the Most Out of SARMs?

    A novel class of androgen receptor ligands are selective androgen receptor modulators or SARMs. They are meant to have the same effects as androgenic drugs, but they are much more selective in their action so that they can be used for more applications than the relatively limited legitimate uses of anabolic steroids

    It's like trying to tweak a microchip with a sledgehammer using steroids to raise the hormones. Steroids help you build muscle by increasing testosterone, resulting in increased protein synthesis in your cells, muscle building, and fat burning. That's called the steroid's anabolic side, and it's good. But, steroids come with a lot of side-effects.

    That’s when SARMs come into the picture. These are much more stable than steroids, boasting anabolic-to-androgenic ratios from 3:1 to 90:1. This means you can still get muscle growth and loss of weight, but SARMs will not give you man boobs or make you the bearded lady. You can also orally take SARMs. No injection need.

    So, let’s tell you about 3 different types of SARMs that you can use per your needs. And, we will also tell you how to stack some quality SARMs for post-cycle therapy, commonly known as PCT.

    SARMs for Women

    You may have heard a lot about steroids and their replacements, such as prohormones and SARMs. Most think that these drugs are only for men who aim to bulk up. But, there are a few SARMs which if taken under guidance can really help women.

    Usually, women on SARMS look to gain benefits such as improved libido, stamina, bone preservation (to combat osteoporosis), balancing LDL and HDL rates compared to each other. At the same time, they seek to avoid harmful side effects such as damage to the liver or virilization effects that may carry undesirable characteristics such as facial hair or beard.

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    Some well-known SARMs for women are Ostarine, Cardarine, and Andarine. Cardarine is one of the best women's SARMs, especially when you're dealing with fat that's stubbornly sitting around your waist and belly. Although it's known as a SARMS, it's not actually one because it's design and it's quite different from your usual SARM. It is a PPAR agonist, and instead of binding to androgenic receptors as SARMs do, it binds to PPAR receptors. The advantage of this is that it is not a stimulant.

    SARM Ostarine

    If you want to develop lean muscle with minimal side effects, Ostarine is your ideal choice as a female. This helps remove fat and improve density of the bone. This SARMs, also known as one of the best female SARMs, has a very mild formulation that makes it excellent for women.

    Typically, you lose both fat and muscle on a diet to cut weight. Ostarine, however, helps you achieve your goal of fat loss without giving up your lean muscle as well.

    The key benefit we can expect from Ostarine users is faster lean mass gain. This compound should activate the androgen receptors to encourage better and faster growth of lean muscle mass. You should start with doses of around 10 to 20 mg per day for the best results. You could increase the dose to 30 mg per day if your sensitivity is fairly good. That's as high as any lady would suggest. Anything that goes beyond that will only expose you to more threats than it helps you.

    For about eight weeks, every Ostarine cycle can go. Then you can take a break of 4 weeks before you begin another cycle. Since repression is not a problem among users of women, PCT is not usually required.

    RAD 140 Before and After Pictures

    Testolone induces anabolic processes in your skeletal muscles by manipulating androgen receptors. Skeletal muscles, like your biceps, pectoral muscles, deltoid, and so on, are the ones you can readily command. These are essentially the muscles you activate when exercising, plus the ones on the arms.

    RAD140 does not taste and, like any other SARM, does not convert to DHT. This SARM is the go-to drug for improved workouts, with all the positive benefits that steroids provide and almost non-e of the negative ones. Higher levels of testosterone should allow more muscle strength to be applied and maintained during cutting. Since most of us are scheduling our workouts on bulking and cutting cycles, this article will provide a short tutorial for both of them to use RAD140.

    Perhaps Testolone is the best and safest SARM on the market. Use Testolone, you can predict the same results as those you can get from a Dianabol cycle, without all the horrific side effects.

    SARM Ligandrol

    SARMs such as Ligandrol are more tissue-selective, meaning they can target specific muscle and bone tissues. Steroids bind to all receptors of androgen, including those in the liver, prostate, and sebaceous glands.

    For this reason, long-term use of steroids has been linked with many dangerous side effects: increased risk of prostate cancer, damage to the kidneys and liver, osteoporosis. And as steroids also influence the levels of estrogen in the body, even short-term use can result in acne, hair loss, bloating, and increased blood pressure. Plus, one can consume it as a pill.

    LGD-4033 is dose-specific, so with higher doses you get better results. When for the very first time you are taking LGD-4033 or any SARMs, it is better to start with a small dose of five milligrams per day. You could gradually increase the dosage to 10 milligrams, even though there are reports suggesting women must remain at a 5 milligrams upper limit. This dosage is generally sufficient to improve your performance within a span of 24 to 36 hours.

    Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

    The most critical fact to consider is the length and dosage of SARMs course. Those who take SARMs in moderate doses and for a short time may do perfectly well without any post-cycle therapy. Those who take SARMs in high doses for months will need a post-cycle treatment almost always. I

    t's a simple reality of how much SARM you're exposed to and how long your footprint will be calculated. SARMs ' pharmacological effects are minimal, but they may have consequences for the short to medium term depending on how high the dose is and how long the course is. Because testosterone would have an effect, a post-cycle therapy focuses mainly on this, and this is more real.

    A well-planned post-cycle therapy will be able to restore the normal secretion of all the hormones affected, including the stimuli that the different glands influence the development. Ideally, this post-cycle treatment should be pre-planned. One must not wait to consider the options until the very end of the SARMs process.

    Several factors can affect the post-cycle therapy chosen. It will matter the option of SARMs, the course and dose, the person's overall health, the target and the results encountered. Preplanning is important and it is also possible because, depending on course length and dose, post-cycle therapies are prescribed for different types of SARMs.

    Decide on which SARMs suit you best and don’t overuse. We hope that this article helps you make the right decisions.